At Modern Touch Dental, we take pride in the fully comprehensive, comfortable, one-of-a-kind dental cleaning experience we offer our patients. Our recommended semi-annual dental cleanings include investigative and preventative services to ensure your trips to the dentist chair are as quick and infrequent as possible!


Investigative Services

  • Review and update your medical history

  • Screen your mouth for signs of oral cancer

  • Evaluate your gum tissue health

  • Check your bite, chew, and swallow functions

  • Take X-rays of your teeth and jaw to check for any decay or alignment issues


Preventative Services

  • Review the effectiveness of your at-home brushing, flossing, and fluoride regimen

  • Share the latest nutritional advice and oral hygiene techniques & tools for healthy teeth

  • Give you a deep and thorough cleaning

  • Remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums

  • Remove surface staining

  • Apply fluoride if needed

  • Polish your teeth

  • Thoroughly explain any recommended future treatment

Amy did a fantastic job cleaning Karen's teeth. Karen has some physical limitations that make it very difficult to work on her teeth, but Amy took a lot of extra time and worked very hard to get the job done. She was extremely nice and patient. Dr. Krueger was also terrific. We are so glad we found Modern Touch Dental. Thanks for a great experience.

Karen Z.