Wishing you had a whiter, brighter smile? Over time, our teeth inevitably suffer from our day-to-day behaviors. Coffee stains, tea stains, wine stains, nicotene damage… even certain medications can weaken teeth.

But, did you know? The #1 cause of tooth discoloration has nothing to do with habits. It’s AGING!  While it’s easy to groan about growing older, this unavoidable culprit of yellowing teeth everywhere also happens to be what gives us an ever-expanding circle of friends and family, incredible memories, and that invaluable “mama told you so” wisdom. Whether you’re 19 or 90, don’t let aging teeth cause you to suppress your smile or feel self conscious!  Whiten!

At Modern Touch Dental, our KöR Whitening System includes the creation of custom, ultra-thin trays with professional whitening gel (worn while sleeping) plus an in-office whitening visit to help you obtain the whitest, most beautiful smile of your dreams. In a carefully monitored environment, we use a highly concentrated bleaching agent that has the potency to yield immediate results. Double bonus: sensitivity experienced with whitening toothpastes and “over the counter” whitening strips are eliminated for most patients due to our gel’s special formula.

  • Modern Touch Dental makes an impression for your custom trays
  • Whiten at home for 2 weeks (while sleeping!) using your custom trays
  • Whiten in-office during a 1-hour visit to Modern Touch Dental

Many of our patients benefit from a boost in confidence after their first treatment is complete.

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Every aspect of my visit exceeded my expectations. Jenny along with Dr. Wegner and Dr. Krueger gave me the compassionate, nonjudgmental care I really needed. Brittany and Kim up front are as friendly and professional as they come. I can’t recommend Modern Touch enough.

James B.